The makers of innovative self-cling products for your business, office, conference center, institution, school and home. Our self-cling products won't harm surfaces, and adhere without the use of tape or adhesives.

Electrically charged, printed film that clings to most clean surfaces without the use of tape or adhesives.This versatile medium is ideal for, but not limited to: wall decor in any shape or size larger than 5" in diameter, posters, POPs, signage, banners, event marketing, direct mail, advertising and promotional premiums, calendars, memo boards, wall decor, magazine and newspaper advertising.


  • Cling-rite® is the easiest and safest indoor signage to both install and remove.
  • Cling-rite® printed materials can be kiss-cut, die-cut and folded.
  • Digital Cling-rite® products are ideal for creating dynamic variable data-managed printed materials, small runs and large & small posters.
  • Create posters up to 150' long.


Simply remove Cling-rite® from its backer, and apply to any smooth clean indoor surface. It doesn't get easier than that!
Cling-rite® will adhere from 6 months up to 1 year.

Window Clingers® can be cleanly removed and re-applied and leaves no adhesive residue behind on the applied surface because there is no adhesive. The non adhesive cling formula makes application or installation extremely easy and quick. The film clings tightly to most clean polished surfaces like a static cling vinyl but is easier to apply due to the rigidity of the film.


The polyester & polypropylene construction makes the media more eco-friendly than cling PVC vinyl due to its recyclability. Also, unlike a PVC based static cling vinyl that has a short, 60 day printable shelf life, PVC-Free Clingers® has a 2 year printable shelf life. PVC-Free Clingers® are the next generation of window cling films.


  • Window Clingers® is easy to apply to polished smooth surfaces.
  • Window Clingers® printed materials can be kiss-cut, die-cut and folded.
  • Window Clingers® products are ideal for small runs and large & small posters.
  • Create signs up to 150' long.


Wall Clingers® are proprietary, low-tack, pressure sensitive products with real staying power! We use a proprietary microsphere adhesive that are removable and repositional. Whether you require small or large quantities, conventional printing or digital, kiss-cuts or die-cuts, Wall Clingers® provide endless design and print capabilities.


  • Wall Clingers® are both removable and can be repositioned, and are an ideal choice when you require more adhesion than Cling-rite® or Window Clingers®.
  • Up to 2 year removability! Will not harm surfaces or leave a residue.
  • Wall Clingers® can be applied to most smooth surfaces. Applications include: drywall, wood, furniture, cardboard, metal, glass, mirrors, etc.
  • Available in a variety of substrate constructions, allowing for printing short and long runs — print 1 only, or millions!

Cling-rite® Rolls are electrically charged film that clings to most clean indoor surfaces without the use of tape or adhesives. Ideal for: office, home, school, hotel, conference center, university dorms, and so much more! Turns almost any flat surface into a handy, dry-erase whiteboard instantly!


  • More economical than a traditional whiteboard or flip chart.
  • No tape or adhesives required!
  • 40 sheets/100ft. Roll (30m) Each sheet 20” x 30” (51cm x 76cm).
  • Easy to tear perforations every 30” (76cm)

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