Cling-rite® Rolls



Ease of use!  We are proud to offer an easy to use solution to your whiteboard needs.

Cling-rite® Rolls are electrically charged film that clings to most clean indoor surfaces without the use of tape or adhesives. Ideal for: office, home, school, hotel, conference center, university dorms, and so much more!


 Contains no adhesives!

Will not harm surfaces!

Removable Repositionable
Reusable Erasable Recyclable!

PERF-IT! Simply tear sheets using the handy perforations to create a whiteboard of any size.


PLACE-IT! Place it on almost any smooth clean surface. No tape or adhesive required! Can easily be moved and removed from any surface!


WRITE-ON-IT! Use any dry erase, low odor markers. Replaces bulky flipcharts, and whiteboards.


ERASE-IT! Wipe clean, and reuse over-and-over again! Erases like a whiteboard.


  • Ideal for presentations, training sessions, story boarding, drawing, etc.
  • Portable, lightweight, and easy to carry
  • Environmentally friendly – made from recyclable electrically charged polypropylene film

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